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Seeing in the Dark: Your Front Row Seat to the Universe.

Seeing in the Dark by Timothy Ferris is a narrative rhapsody honoring amateur astronomy. You do not need even a telescope to be blessed by the wonder of the skies. City lights are not a barrier. Certainly, a large telescope deep in the countryside, above the surrounding landscape is best. Building your own observatory is the epitome of the hobby. But for anyone, anywhere, passion and patience deliver the rewards. Seeing in the Dark is about the people whose love and work open the universe for themselves and others.

Images from SXSW 2013
FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2013: Another day and night of fun and splendor as 6th and Congress remains the focal point of energy in downtown Austin. On Saturday, March 15, Oliver and Wilder Lee moved across the street. Balafon player Abou Sylla returned from last year. The Yellow Roses returned from yesterday. The Magician and Sonia did not.
These were some of the people who worked the intersection of 6th and Congress on Thursday. Blues and bluegrass, rock or skittle, tuba, xylophone, acoustic and electric, break dancing, no corner goes unoccupied for long. These shots were possible only in the moments when the on-lookers were sparse. To get me to work, we just waited for traffic to stall and did a “fire drill.” Later, on my way to a bus stop after work, I found the poet Bill Keys up a block, once again surrounded by girls. (Oh, why I did choose technical writing?)

Chamber of Commerce Biobash February 2013
Before and after the presentation, Austin life science professionals enjoyed hors d’oeuvres – courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce – and the opportunity to sit and talk with each other about their interests. Maggie Bishop of the Chamber made sure that I met Dr. Tim Meehan of Saber Astronautics. (Tim and I actually met at Benjamin’s Meetup last month.) I also met Samantha Fechtel, executive administrator of the Texas Medical Accelerator, Joe Smith director of technology innovation for Globiox, Jim and Sabine Accuntius whose Research Equipment Alliance is selling femto-second lasers for histology and similar research. (Calling them microtomes is three orders of magnitude too large.) Sharon Manley just joined Growth Acceleration Partners/Mobius as their new business development specialist. Although we talk a lot about “cloud computing” most of our work is done on the ground, and so, Christopher L. Marchbanks from Cresa Austin (“The Tenants Advantage”) was also at the Biobash.


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