Venture Capital

Friday, June 28, 2013
Venture Capital
“Writing the check is the easy part.” Genentech, Apple, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, … none of them would exist, nor would a hundred others that created billions of dollars worth of new wealth by delivering new inventions. More than the money – though there was that – venture capitalists brought expertise in management and marketing, guiding start-ups, connecting people with each other, sometimes even making the most difficult of all decisions, to fire the founder CEO for the good of the company.

Everyone knows Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; many recognize Nolan Bushnell, Gordon Moore, and Mike Markkula. Fewer have heard of Arthur Rock, Tom Perkins, or Don Valentine. Something Ventured (website here) is their story, the viewpoint of the venture capitalist. They are a humble lot. At the end of the movie, they admit that writing the check is the easy part. Without the inventors, the creators, the innovators, the visionaries, they would have nothing in which to invest. But, invest they did – and do.
“They saw opportunity where others only saw risk.”

Atlas Shrugged’s John Aglialoro
Capitalist Culture: Cairo 1600
Tribute to Steve Jobs
The One Percent are the Atlases


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